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Origami workshop

Come make Origami in this creative experience where you'll learn about the Japanese tradition that makes you happy by folding paper!


This hands-on workshop will offer participants the opportunity to learn the art of origami, exploring various folding techniques and creating colorful paper designs. With a focus on embracing creativity and celebrating vibrant hues, the workshop aims to engage attendees in an interactive and artistic experience. Whether participants are beginners or have some experience with origami, they can join the workshop to enhance their skills and create beautiful folded masterpieces.

Are the shapes challenging?
Our origami workshops feature stunning and intricate shapes that are surprisingly easy to learn with clear instructions and a little patience. The workshops are conducted at a relaxed pace, ensuring that no one feels rushed and everyone can enjoy a calming experience. If you're interested in booking a series of workshops, we can gradually introduce more advanced shapes as participants progress and improve their skills.
What materials do we need?
We provides all the necessary materials for the origami workshop. We offer luxurious matte papers in a wide range of colors, along with glue, scissors, creasing tools, and rulers as needed. If you have a specific theme or color scheme for your event, we are happy to customize the materials to match. As an optional extra, we can also prepare take-home kits for participants, allowing them to continue their origami creativity at home.

How long are the workshops?
We can tailor the duration of the event to meet your specific requirements, but our group sessions typically last around 2 hours. Additionally, we often conduct drop-in workshops for half or full days, where larger groups of people can stop by for 5 to 15 minutes to learn one or two shapes at an event. For those interested in a more comprehensive experience, we can organize a series of workshops where participants progress each week or month, mastering increasingly complex origami shapes. This option is particularly popular among corporate clients, as teams can attend a block of origami workshops together.

Who is the teacher:
Juliana is the founder and creator of Juliana Made This Candle Co.
She developed a lifelong passion for origami from an early age. While most children were fascinated by dinosaurs, sharks, or planets, Juliana's heart was captivated by the art of paper folding. Starting with a simple instructional book, she diligently folded every shape and gradually advanced to more intricate designs.

This love for origami never waned throughout Juliana's life. As she matured, her skills flourished, and she even took on the ambitious task of creating her own wedding decorations, including a breathtaking origami bouquet.
With her innate talent for this art form, it was only natural for Juliana to establish her own brand. Having crafted thousands of origami pieces, she is eagerly eager to share her profound appreciation for colorful paper with others. Through her brand, she seeks to inspire and bring joy to individuals by showcasing the beauty and intricacy of origami.
Embark on Juliana's captivating origami journey and discover the enchantment of this timeless craft through her meticulously crafted designs.

Workshop venue:
Arts For All
Cityside Retail Park
Ground floor,
Unit D BT15 1WA
Belfast, United Kingdom

Includes free parking and disability friendly

Please arrive 5 minutes before the workshop is due to begin so that we can start on time
Class Size:
Workshops are limited to six people but a minimum of fours people are required for each class. 
Printed tickets are not issued, please retain your order confirmation email as proof of booking
Age Limitations:
Workshops are kids aged 9 and above as some of the folds required a little extra dexterity
Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations are accepted up to two days prior to event date with 100% refund. However, no refunds can be offered for cancellations with less than two days. You must notify Juliana Made This Candle Co of your intention to cancel via email at Please do not contact the venue as it is not responsible for your booking
£15 per person
This includes all instructions and materials.
Get in touch
We are happy to accommodate bespoke requests to help make your unique workshop experience as fun and enjoyable as possible, so please let us know if you have any ideas that you would like to be included.Please get in touch by email for a bespoke proposal and include the following details if possible:
Date/time/length of workshop(s).
Approximate number of participants.
Theme for event? (Easter, flowers, animals, general origami etc).
Any questions you may have about the workshops.
Once we have these details, a quotation will be sent along with a lesson plan to show options for the shapes that can be taught in the origami workshop.
Email :

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