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We want our products to be more than candles, we want to create a positive impact in the world with our brand. That's why we invested a lot of resources to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We keep the usage of plastic to a minimum while promoting recycling of all the waste materials we use. Read our full report on becoming plastic neutral below.


We support CleanHub

We support CleanHub alongside other cool brands that have sustainability rooted in their identity. We believe that as humans we have to do better and change our ways in order for the future of our planet to be prosperous. Read our full report on how we are helping to remove pastic here.

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All our labels, bags, boxes and printing paper we use are made with brown craft recycled paper that can also be recycled. We also bring all the cardboard boxes used by our suppliers  to a local recycling center so they can be disposed of properly without generating extra waste. 


Steel is currently one of the leading sustainable packaging materials of the future as it is a permanent material that can be indefinitely recycled without any loss of quality. Unlike other packaging materials 75% of steel products ever made are still in use today. 

Metal containers all the way

Recycled materials

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