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FAQ! Need Help?

We've got you covered

  • When will a product be back in stock?
    We are an artisanal family run business. We aim to restock everything within two weeks but this may vary.
  • Who do you ship with?
    We ship with Royal Mail 48h.
  • I forgot to use a discount code, can I use it after I have placed an order?
    Unfortunately once an order has been processed we are unable to amend it. You can request to cancel the current order and place a new one, just email us at
  • Can I track my order?
    No at the moment as we use Royal Mail 48 and free delivery so in order to reduce our costs tracking is not an option at the moment.
  • Are your items safe to use around pets?
    All of the fragrances we do are non-toxic. So providing they are burned out of reach of your animal there is no risk of it harming them.
  • I haven't received my order, what should I do?
    Please email us at with your full name, address and order number and we will look into that for you.
  • Would you like to collaborate with me?
    If you love our brand, and are looking to collaborate, please send us an email with your Social Media profiles and tell us why you would like to work with our brand.
  • Do you do custom or personalised orders?
    Yes! Pop us a message and we can create anything you would like.
  • Are you CLP compliant?
    Absolutely! Every item I send will have a CLP label attached to the product.
  • What is CLP?
    CLP is a legal requirement for all scented wax products sold. It lists any allergens that maybe in your wax. The allergens may be different for every scent. There is also the precautionary statements listed on this label. These labels are needed in case of an allergic reaction or in case the wax is accidentally ingested; Its there so your health professional can refer to what allergen is in the melt so they can provide appropriate care. Our number is also listed on these labels in case the health professional needs any further information.
  • What wax do you use for your products?
    We use 100% soy wax in our products
  • Is your mica reasponsibly sourced?
    Yes! We only source our mica from ethically sourced manufacturers. Our mica is also vegan friendly, natural and 100% cruelty free.
  • Is your packaging recyclable?
    Yes! All of our packaging is recyclable. We use PET plastic for our products, as well as packaging them with biodegradable boxes.
  • My order has arrived damaged/incorrect, what should I do?
    Firstly, we are so sorry about this! If your order has arrived damaged or is incorrect, please photograph what is wrong with your order and pop us an email at and we will help you get this resolved.
  • Do you ship outside the UK?
    Yes, we ship worldwide. The cost of delivery is automatically applied at checkout.
  • I live nearby, can I collect?
    Absolutely! There is a local collection option at checkout and once your order is ready, I will email you with the collection address.
  • I forgot to pick up my local collection order, what should I do?
    We hold onto local collection orders for 2 weeks after we have emailed you letting you know its ready to collect. If you do not collect within the two weeks then we automatically refund you and re-list the items purchased.
  • What is your processing time?
    The time I need to prepare an order for shipping varies based on each product. For custom made items my processing time is 2-4 weeks. For ready to send products my processing time is 3-5 business days.
  • My melt/candle looks frosted. Is it defective?
    No! Frosting is actually a unique and natural effect of using vegetable waxes, especially soy. The wax is trying to return back to its natural form and as a result it begins to crystallize. It doesn't affect the performance of the candle in any way and also means your wax is 100% natural.
  • Can I Change My Workshop Date?
    Sure thing! Just let us know at least 7 days before your booked workshop. If it's a last-minute change due to illness, no worries, drop us an email at, and we'll guide you through your options.
  • Refund for workshop tickets
    We understand that sometimes life happens. If you can't make it, with at least 7 days' notice via email to, we'll do our best to accommodate changes to your booking.
  • Late to Class
    You can join us up to 10-15 minutes late.
  • Number of Workshop Attendees
    Typically, our candle-making workshops host up to 10 guests, but this can change depending of your requirement. Wanting to host for a larger group like a corporate event or hen party? Send us an email to enquiring about it.
  • Workshop Duration
    Plan for about about two hours of creative fun
  • Wheelchair Access
    Our spaces are accessible to all, and we warmly welcome everyone. Just give us a heads-up at with your accessibility needs, so we can prepare accordingly.
  • Bringing a Plus One
    Our workshop spaces are set up for booked guests only but we usually bring a few extra materials in case an unexpected guest arrives. Payments are processed on the day.
  • Suitable for Young Children?
    Our workshops are tailored more for adults, but we're happy to welcome teens aged 15+ when accompanied by a booked adult.
  • Taking Your Candle Home
    Absolutely! Your candle will need a little time to set, usually around 30-60 minutes after the class. You can collect it from the venue or arrange posting for extra £5.
  • Private Candle Making Sessions
    We'd love to arrange a private class for you and your friends, family, or team. Drop us an email at, and we'll make it happen.
  • What's in My Candle Making Kit?
    Great news! We'll send you all you need: soy wax, a vessel with wick and lid, fragrance oils, an extra wick, a whisk, a jug, a personalised label, and a peg. You even have enough wax and a spare wick for a second candle.
  • Additional Items Needed for the Online Workshop?
    We'll guide you in the confirmation email, but mainly, check your kitchen for a hob with a bain-marie or a pan and a heatproof bowl or jug to melt your wax.
  • Is the Zoom Live Workshop Included in Ticket Price?
    Absolutely! Your workshop cost covers all materials, equipment, and a live Zoom session with Juliana.
  • Hosting an Online Session with Friends?
    Exciting! We'd love to set up a class just for you and your friends. Reach out to us at, and we'll make the arrangements.
  • Customising My Label?
    You get to choose your label name with up to 16 characters, and we'll print it for you, along with your kit.
  • Can't Attend the Workshop I Booked?
    No worries; just give us a day's notice, and we'll happily reschedule your online session.
  • Late or Damaged Candle Kit?
    We ship your kits with express delivery at least 7 working days before your workshop. If any issues arise, contact us at, and we'll sort it out.
  • Using Different Vessels and Oils?
    We provide a selection of botanical fragrance oils, so you won't need additional ones. Your candle kit includes one of our signature tin vessels. Plus, there's extra wax for a second candle.
  • Food and Drinks During Class?
    You can have a snack or refreshment during the session, just make sure your hands are ready for candle-making when needed
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