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Gift Vouchers

Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them? Give them the gift of choice!

Give the gift of choice and unforgettable experiences with our event vouchers available through our workshops on Eventbrite. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas present or just a relaxing day out, our vouchers let your loved ones pick their perfect moment, ensuring smiles and memories that last a lifetime. Read below for instructions on how to redeem your voucher. 

Juliana Made This Gift Voucher Terms and Conditions


Last Updated: 14.10.23

Hey there, lovely gift-giver! Here are the terms and conditions for Juliana Made This Gift Vouchers. We want to make sure your gifting experience is as smooth as our candles burn.

1. Redemption and Use

1.1. Your Juliana Made This Gift Voucher is your ticket to exploring our world of delightful products and experiences.

1.2. When you're ready to use it, simply hop onto our website at, pick out your favourites, and at the checkout, enter the unique code found on the voucher. It's that easy!

1.3. Please remember, though, our vouchers are like magic beans—they can't turn into cash, and they're non-refundable.


2. Expiry

2.1. Your gift voucher will shine bright for a whole 12 months from the day it was born (aka the date of purchase). Don't let it turn into a pumpkin—use it within this time frame. Expired vouchers are like sad pumpkins, and we can't do much with those.

3. Booking and Rescheduling 

3.1. If your voucher is for one of our amazing experiences or workshops, please know that booking ahead is a smart move. Our popular experiences fill up fast!

3.2. When you're ready to book your adventure, follow the simple instructions on our website or in the info that came with your voucher.

3.3. Life can throw curveballs, so if you need to change your plans, give us a heads-up at least 72 hours before your scheduled date.

3.4. We totally get that sometimes life happens, but if you don't give us enough notice, you might miss out and lose your voucher. So, remember to reach out in time.

4. Lost or Stolen Vouchers

4.1. We can't replace your voucher if it goes missing, so keep it safe and sound!

5. Cancellations

5.1. If we ever have to cancel an experience or a product tied to your voucher, we promise to sort things out. You'll either get a refund or another awesome experience to look forward to.

6. Transferability

6.1. You're free to share the joy! You can gift your voucher to someone else. But remember, it's like Cinderella's glass slipper—it fits the one it's meant for.

7. Additional Terms

7.1. Sometimes, we might update these terms and conditions. We promise it's all in the name of making your experience even better.

7.2. Our standard terms and conditions apply, as well. They're like the fine print, but don't worry, we keep it pretty simple.


8. Contact Information

If you have any questions or need assistance with your Gift Voucher, feel free to reach out:


Phone: 00 44 07478258149

Thanks for choosing Juliana Made This! We're here to make your gifting and gifting experience truly wonderful.

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