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Burner types

Light a tea light candle in the base of the oil burner and allow the wax to melt. Re-use soy wax melts until no fragrance is released.

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Changing melts

Place 1 to 3 soy wax melt pods in the top of a dry oil burner - do not add water.  

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Don't leave it alone

Don't forget to extinguish the tea light candle when leaving the room - never leave it unattended.

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Pets & Kids safety

Keep out of the reach of children or pets.

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Burning time

Don't leave your burner on for extended periods of time. Max 3h at a time to prevent the burner from cracking.

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Burner placement

Place your oil burner in a safe, stable location, away from drafts and anything flammable.

Wax Melts Care

Wax melts are used in an oil burner to release wonderful fragrances to create a fabulous atmosphere in your home. Follow these tips to ensure an excellent and safe scent throw when using your wax melts.

Candles Care

Treat your candles with the love they deserve by following a few simple safety precautions that will ensure that you get the very best each time you use them.

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Preventing tunneling

Allow enough time for the candle to melt up until the edges to avoid tunneling

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Don't leave it alone

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Be sure to extinguish the flame before leaving the room

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Excess wick

Trim your excess candle wick! Do this either before or after each burn.

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Pets & Kids safety

Keep out of the reach of children or pets

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Burning time

Burn your candle for a minimum of 1-2 hours and a maximum of 3 hours per burn.

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Candle placement

Place your candle in a safe, stable situation, away from drafts and anything flammable

Reed Diffuser Care

Flameless alternative to candles, diffusers are just as good as candles when it comes to making your room smell wonderful. Here is how to make the best out of our mini diffusers.

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Remove stopper

To use remove the wooden
bottle lid and stopper, then
tighten the lid back on

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Shake it to refresh

Tip bottle upside down to
freshen the fragrance taking
care not to spill the oil

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Hang in car or home

Replace lid then hang in
your car or in your home

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Keep bottle upright

Don't leave bottle lying on a
surface, hang at all times. or
leakage will occur

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Tip bottle for 1-2 sec

Tip bottle upside down for
1 - 2 sec to allow the fragrance
to absoro into the id. Do not
over saturate

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Don't block vision

Don't obscure driver's
visibility or view of the road
or instruments

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Pets & Kids safety

Keep diffuser out of the
reach of children and pets
at all times

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Avoid contact

Avoid contact with face,
eyes, textiles and furnishings

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